Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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Motiva is a leading organization in providing transformative recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions that help our clients gain a competitive hiring advantage and deliver impactful recruitment results. We offer scalable and flexible recruitment solutions which can include everything from sourcing and selection to onboarding talent. Our deep recruitment expertise and proven rigorous processes ensures an improved candidate experience, a more efficient recruiting process, greater predictability cost and most importantly - improved talent quality..!

Accelerate your business growth and competitive advantage through RPO..!

When it comes to recruiting, being a business owner, you have a lot to manage, ever-evolving technologies, new generations of workers and talent shortages. But with Motiva RPO solutions, you can successfully find, recruit, hire and onboard top talent – all while reducing your administrative burdens and beating the competition. Our leading RPO solutions allow you to:

  • Strengthen your employer brand
  • Lower hiring cost through decreased cycle times
  • Harness mobile and social recruitment approaches
  • Leverage recruiting best practices
  • Streamline the hiring process and much more..!

Why to choose us?

Scalable customized solutions: through a highly collaborative partnership, we tailor every solution according to the individual corporate culture and specific talent needs.

Efficiency: From job design, pricing to recruitment and acquisition strategies, we apply practical experiences in making your business more productive

Access data driven insights: Our global market intelligence, access to data sources and extensive research, provide clients with innovative solutions and deeper insights that keep them ahead of the competition.

Engage the right talent: Our expert recruiters develop a deep understanding or your organization’s talent needs and tailor sourcing strategies to attract, locate and engage the right talent.

More than just a traditional recruitment process: Our Recruitment process outsourcing works differently than traditional recruitment. It doesn’t just fill the position; instead it also observes turnover rates, time management, technology trends and scalability.

If you want to succeed in business, you should be strategic in finding the best talent for your organization. In such fast and competitive world, you can’t get ahead without talented staff, and Motiva will do it for you. By hiring our Recruitment Process Outsourcing, you can save resources that are required for HR manager or entire HR department.

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