Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching and Learning & Development Division.

Executive Coaching

Motiva Executive Coaching services are provided by one of our Director – Odilia Poon, an experience and reputable business veteran. She is characterized by her energetic, engaging and hands-on involvement. As an executive coach, she focuses on the individual in the context of the organization and supports her coaching clients in an empathetic yet motivating way that allows them to develop and grow as leaders. She also works with senior leaders to make them more purposeful, focused and productive, whilst developing their own authentic leadership brand.
Odilia has been passionate about supporting leadership at all levels of organisations to learn, develop and realize their potential for many years. She strongly believes that effective communication and relationships are the key to transformational and authentic leadership.
Odilia has worked and lived in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Macau and England, she is the Coach for Executives who need deep understanding about the various working cultures in Asia. She is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Learning & Development

Our vision is to connect the passionate people and company who is .. Learning and development is a critical factor for people at all levels of the organisation and as a whole to grow and develop, particularly under the complex and fast-changing environment.
Motiva understand you are not interested in “training for training’s sake”. You need impactful development and delivery solutions that address your needs and requirements and add value to your people and business. Therefore, we offer flexibility with our training that is pinpointed to your needs and requirements.
The trainers can design and deliver their own course materials and will construct practical exercises and discussions based on experience. Thus all the important blend of theory and practice filters through all our training, ensuring delegates acquire the maximum practical as well as theoretical benefits.

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